The “Rapid Attack” Consulting Services Engagement is an approach to application development that is designed to shorten the development life cycle in order to speed up solution implementation without any sacrifice in quality. This engagement is a service offering designed to provide clients with fast, flexible, and cost-effective IT business solutions. The “Rapid Attack” model was designed with the aim to deliver only the particular services necessary in order to create a customized solution tailored to the project’s unique requirements. The result of this focused approach is a very cost-effective information technology project model that provides a quick solution (usually in less than 2 months) for the client through a defined set of deliverables, which are managed by Salus.

The “Rapid Attack” package is based on a proven methodology of ‘Best Practices’ from many years of applied industry experience. The approach is centered around fast pilot projects, prototyping, and proof-of-concept implementations for quick results, evaluation, and analysis. High-level documentation is provided post-production, rather than during production, in order to speed up the development phase. Central to “Rapid Attack” is a specific focus and schedule agreement for the project, which is based on a disciplined controlled approach and effectively allocated resources. In this way, project risk and staff impact can be minimized while maximizing the project payback to provide real value for the client.

The “Rapid Attack” Consulting Services Engagement is delivered as a fixed price contract backed by a full warranty from Salus that minimizes any potential project and technology risks.