Salus has extensive experience designing, developing, and supporting mission-critical online case management systems. These comprehensive, multi-tier, web-enabled, custom business applications are proven to improve performance, to increase operating efficiencies, and to decrease costs. Salus online case management systems are fully customized solutions that are flexible and scalable to meet our clients’ needs.

Information Management

Our clients have found that our online case management systems allow them to more efficiently manage case information. Our systems combine a secure database back-end with a user-friendly web interface to allow field staff to input, retrieve, and modify case information online anytime, anywhere. By facilitating direct data entry by field staff, organizations benefit from a decrease in the number of data entry errors, a reduction in data entry costs, and increased efficiency in information sharing. Regardless of where the user is located, once they logon to the secure connection, they have the same access to information that they would have had were they at the head office. Taken one step further, online case management systems can be combined with wireless Tablet PC technology to provide complete portable access to information.

Tracking and Reporting

In addition to the data capture benefits, online case management systems provide dynamic reporting functionality. Custom statistics tracking and report generation features allow for accurate and timely performance monitoring. Since actual users update data as they go, there are no inconvenient delays from waiting for data to be entered. In addition, all reports are generated based on real time information. As a result, clients can be confident that they have the most current information available to them upon which to base their business decisions.

Proven Success

Salus has proven success in developing and supporting online case management systems. Specifically, we have built and continue to support the case management systems currently in use by an organization that delivers program services to the BC Ministry of Human Resources. The solutions we developed for this organization gave them all of the functionality of an online case management system, while also allowing them to share information directly with the Ministry via a secure extranet.