Where are you heading? How will you get there? Salus can provide the Strategic IT Planning services to help answer these questions. Whether you want to decrease costs, increase productivity, improve client service, or achieve all three, Salus will work with you to create an IT strategy that realizes your business goals. When it comes to technology, we know what can be done!

  • Clustering – Our IT consultants will demonstrate the performance enhancements possible with Load Balancing and the decreased downtime you can achieve with Fail Over redundancy. Let Salus show you how Clustering can improve your IT operations.

  • Business Intelligence – Have you considered harnessing the power of business intelligence? With advanced data mining tools, information is at your fingertips like never before!

  • Open Source – Have you considered the total cost of ownership benefits of open source software? Today’s companies and government organizations are making the move from proprietary software to open source software in order to realize cost savings. Let Salus show you the alternatives.